This is [OLIMP] Cardano Stake Pool.

You may stop this individual,but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

OLIMP STAKE POOL | few words about us.

Our history with Cardano starts about the end of 2017 at that time there was a lot of new crypto projects with great agenda. What was a game-changer in the crypto game for us? Cardano team along with Cardano background. Very important was also Charles Hoskinson's vision. We remember the famous whiteboard youtube video with Charles explaining Cardano. The beginning of 2018 was the time when Charles Hoskinson reveal Cardano's Africa goals and We were truly amazed. We believe that we can change the world for the better together - and we want to be part of upcoming changes. Early April of 2021 was the time our collaboration started and with 4.20.2021 we start our stake pool. We can't wait the day our pool starts producing blocks.

We are specialists with experience in the field of IT security and programming in the financial sector. What distinguishes us from other stake pools? Our work is also our passion, which we develop after hours by taking part in various CaptureTheFlag competitions and BugBounty programs and we are active hackthebox players. We believe that nowadays, with the rapidly developing technology, it is necessary to spread and increase awareness of IT security.
  • We supports the ideas behind the Cardano project.
  • We want and wish to be part of Cardano Ecosystem and help to keep the blockchain decentralized.
  • We want to raise security awareness across the community.
  • We are standing by Charles Hoskinson vision.

DELEGATION | what You need to know.

As Cardano is a proof-of-stake system, owning ADA not only allows you to buy goods or services, but also confers upon you the right and obligation to participate in the protocol and create blocks. In return every epoch (every 5 days) the rewards will be paid by the protocol for all participants.

Anyone who owns ADA can participate in the delegation of stake process while retaining their spending power.


  1. Install Yoroi or Daedalus Cardano wallet.
  2. Buy ADA and send to Your wallet.
  3. Never stake from an exchange. Always keep Your assets on propper wallets - choose wisely.
  4. Follow steps below according which wallet You choose to delegate.


When delegating for the first time You will be charged 2.5 ADA as deposit for delegation certificate and about 0.17 ADA for transaction fee. After leaving stake pool 2.5 ADA deposit returns to the wallet.

YOROI wallet.

  1. Navigate to 'Delegation List' tab.
  2. Search for [OLIMP].
  3. Click 'DELEGATE'.
DAEDLUS wallet.

  1. Navigate to 'Delegation Menu' and choose 'Stake pool' tab.
  2. Search for [OLIMP].
  3. Click on the [OLIMP] box.
  4. Click 'Delegate to this pool' and confirm
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OLIMP | information.